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Honda accord 2017 blew a fuse

dilbert firestorm

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4 tires need air.  I was putting  air in the tires with air compressor powered by the accessory outlet. 

2 days earlier, I put air in one of the tires then Yesterday, I put air in two more tires.  when I got to the 3rd tire, i put in the air compressor on it, it worked for a minute or two and then stopped working.

I grabbed the extension cables from my truck and hooked it up to the 2011 Honda accord which was parked right next to the 2017 honda accord. it worked sorta. It blew the fuses in the 2 extension cords.  I had the extension cords daisy chained from the 2011 honda to the 2017 honda. I took out the faulty cord out and just used the other extension cord whose fuse did  blow.  I ran that one. it worked for 1 minute and quit  sure enough, it blew that fuse.

It looks like the 2 20 amp fuse need to be replaced in addition to the extension cord fuse.  would a higher amp fuse work?  or is this an issue with the air compressor?

the amps on the extension cord if anyone is wondering was 5 amp and 7.5 amp.  evidently, it could not handle the load of the air compressor.  I used that extension cord for the power wrench for the back part of the truck that it could not reach.

I've used this air compressor since 2007 put air in my Chevy S10, Chrysler LHS and 3 Honda Accords with out any problems until now.  when the air compressor was running I noticed it was over heating (smoking).

this is the tire compressor I was using.




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