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No start after sitting for a few weeks


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1998 Honda Civic EX coupe
About 3-4 weeks ago, my A/C clutch went out, blowing burn smell into the cabin, and causing a noise like the bearing had also gone. I put the vehicle on a jack stand and pulled the tire off for easy access. I dropped the compressor and removed the pulley and clutch. The bearing was sticking a bit and had burn marks on it. The clutch was burnt out. I was going to replace just those parts, but in the end I decided to do without for the foreseeable future. So today (3-4 weeks later), I screwed down the compressor again and tied up the belt (using zip ties) so it would be impossible to catch or snag on anything, just in case I wanted to replace the compressor in a few weeks. So just to be clear on this point, I do NOT have the bad clutch on. It is completely removed and in my tool shed. The pulley is NOT on either. I believe I can do this without a problem because the A/C belt only drives the A/C, nothing else. The compressor is disconnected from the electric lead, so effectively the compressor is just sitting in place to keep the A/C system closed. My goal now is to just get the Honda on the road again, even without A/C.

Well, it won't start. Starter turns over fine. Just had the battery tested too just in case it wasn't producing enough charge for a spark. Spark plugs have gas on them, indicating fuel is not a problem. I cleaned up the cap and rotor which were replaced a year or two ago. Brand new spark plug wires. I measured the ohms on the spark plugs and they are between 0.43 and 0.4 when cold. Car makes like it wants to start. I step on the gas pedal a bit, and it makes like it wants to start even more. But just won't catch and roar to life. I tested for spark, and have spark on all four plugs. I'm at a loss and open to suggestions.

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