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1981 honda cb900c starting problems

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Dont know if this is where i post for motorcycles, i didnt see a secrion, feel free to move it to the appropriate section please.


I have a 1981 honda cb900c

My issue has been seen my supposedly a verified honda motorcycle dealer.


My issue is it has a hard starting issues, dies on me at lights and i have to constantly adjust the knob below the carb bank only while it is warming up to get it to stop either dying or idling way to high, 1.5 to 2k rpm.

During warm days its a pain to start it and during cold days its impossible.

One of the other things i noticed is it fouls out spark plugs very easily. I can replace all the spark plugs, and then it will start ok but not fantastic then i let it cool down then i have to replace the plugs for it to start again.

The honda dealer tuned the carbs and says there is nothing wrong with the bike that they are just extremely cold blooded but if i am killing my battery just trying to get it to turn over for a few seconds there is something wrong and the business i was involved with is not there anymore so i am at a loss. Please help. Thanks.

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