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2004 Honda Accord LX V6 A/C not working

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Hello All,


I have the above mentioned Honda with a HUGE problem. Miles are 134,000. It has the fancy dual system with the CLICKING blend doors. Love that feature. The A/C does not work. My local mechanic troubleshooted the problem to an open coil on the compressor AND a bad ECU ground going to the A/C relay. So, he said I need a new compressor and an ECU. SO, that being said and trusting his troubleshooting skills, is it possible to:


1) replace the clutch coil assembly without disturbing the system


2) install a switch to turn on the a/c relay to engage the compressor bypassing the ground from the ECU.


And who is the genius at Honda for putting a ground on the ECU anyway. That ECU should be electrically isolated making it impossible for this to happen. How is it I have a Commodore 64 computer system that still powers up and works fine from back in the early 80's and

I have this high tech Honda with this issue. I will quit crying now.


Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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