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SYNTHETIC or Regular OIL in 2013 Civic/52,000 Miles

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Hi! I have been taking my Honda Civic 2013 to the dealership since I bought it for oil changes. They say they can only use synthetic (forgot which number..maybe W20?? - not sure). I have been doing this consistently every 3,000 miles. I took it to my mechanic once (more convenient) and he put in half synthetic and half regular oil. I am in stop and go traffic MORE often than not M-F. Please WHICH is the best kind of oil for the care of the car, and less problems in the future - synthetic, half and half, or regular please? My car presently has 52,000 approximately. I drive to work M-F - stop and go and weekends leisure drives anywhere from 5 miles to 180 miles on Sat and/or Sunday total.


Thank you in advance.


Amy :)

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The factory fill oil was Synthetic Blend 5W20. A few years ago American Honda released a statement saying that 0w20 synthetic blend OR Full synthetic was ok for your car. 0w20 might even increase your fuel mileage slightly. :rolleyes:


Either 5w20 or 0w20 weight is fine.


Hope this helped. :)

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