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Dealership said its my problem

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Hello - I recently bought a 2011 accord lx (I think) its just a 4 banger nothing fancy. But it started making this popping, grinding, clunking, metal to metal noise. I took it back to them the mechanic said a cv shaft from hearing it but after looking at it said a motor mount. He replaced the mount which did not fix the noise, the replacement only left my car with a Harley like vibration. But now they say its my problem. There is also this black residue allover the inside and outside of my front tire. Really bad on the inside. Completely covers the whole rims and doesn't just wipe off either, its on there thick and solid. Any clues beside the dealership are crooks? I did take a few pics when I pulled the tire - think I still have them anyways if that would help at all.

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