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2002 Civic EX

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Hey all,

I'm not trying to seek advice I should have to pay for as I am already going to have to take my car to the dealer probably, but lately my 2002 civic has been doing this thing where it will completely randomly (I think it may be when it idles too long) will blink on the check engine light, and it will start shaking and wont accelerate past 20 mph on 3000 rpms (I guess that its not shifting out of gear?) its an automatic transmission and I have checked the fluids in the car and all seems fine. But last night I was sitting in krogers parking lot waiting for my mom to come take the groceries out of my car and it shook, the check engine light came on, and it would no longer accelerate past 10-20mph with the pedal all the way down and it wouldn't even break 3k RPMS. I'm not really sure what the problem is I thought it could be from head gasket to speed sensors being out but it doesn't really fit any of the full descriptions of either of those. Occasionally when driving it home last night it would break out to about 30-45mph going down a hill and sound normal but then when it leveled back out (I live down some backroads and hollars) it would go right back to not accelerating. Any help is much appreciated thank you in advance.

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