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1997 Honda Accord Wagon LX F22A1 Upstream Oxygen Sensor

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Hey I'm new to this site. I just got a new car with the check engine light on (I like small projects). I took it to get a diagnosis test and all it needs is an Upstream Oxygen Sensor. I have looked online and I really can't find one that exactly fits it. I found this: http://www.partsgeek.com/ss/?i=1&ssq=oxygen+sensor+f22a1&x=0&y=0


The first Sensor on the page looks like it will fit, BUT look at the description. Will it fit my: 1997 Honda Accord Wagon LX f22A1

Im really stumped because I cant find any that actually show that they definitely fit. It does not show the exct year that I have but does it matter? Are they interchangeable? Thanks

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I'd be sure to buy one that is the SAME manufacturer as the original. I believe that is a NipponDenso Original part for Honda. SOme parts stores sell aftermarket copies like Bosch and other Chinese copies,, but the O2 sensor is an important part to maximize fuel economy and Catalytic Convertor function for clean emissions.


Just my 2 cents worth...


Hope that helps




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