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Positive Feedback about 5spd swap Requested


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Hey Guys,


New to the forum but I wanted to get some feedback on my upcoming project. I bought a 97 Honda Accord a while back with a blown head gasket for 200 dollars. Fixed the head gasket and put a ridiculously mounted turbo on it from a SAAB. I understand that running it on stock everything limits the cars lifetime but this is the car I bought to be my tuner and I'm kind of expecting failure because everything will get upgraded as I go. SO, the car runs, turbo spools but when I pulled the engine I accidentally destroyed the automatic shifter cable. This isn't my daily so I wasn't too mad but I haven't been able to drive this beauty yet. So this weekend I went and got a 5spd from a 95 accord, pulled the master, reservoir, clutch pedal, slave cylinder and TOB. Got it all for a hundred dollars so I was pretty happy. I wanted to get the clutch and flywheel from the car too but they were in rough shape so I left them.


Now then, I will be buying a stage 2 clutch kit /w flywheel in the beginning of June and ill be punching a hole in the firewall to get that master in in the mean time. The only few issues I am worried about is how to tell the car its stuck in neutral, or just ensuring with a tranny swap its going to play nice and rev correctly. It's a 97 Accord but I bought it with a f23 swapped into it so its kind of a Frankenstein car to begin with. If anyone has any relevant info that may help me in the process it would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise I should be driving my sweet ass Accord in no time.


PS im not really here to listen to people tell me why it can't be done or why its stupid. I could hear my dad tell me about it all day but I bought this to further my fab work and accomplish something cool. Please dont think I hate the car or I want to kill it either. I really love the thing and I had a second one that I was driving around but I sold it a couple weeks ago. I want to have a rad ass Honda and make it go choo choo.


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