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2017 Honda HR-V LX, Temperature Control Dial

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Greetings Honda Forums,


I just joined today and didn't want to waste time sharing my ongoing problem with my 2017 Honda HR-V LX. I put a down payment on my car on March 5, 2017 and picked up my car on March 20, 2017. I live in New England and the weather only recently started getting warm recently reaching summer-like temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.


About a week to week and a half of having my new car I discovered the Temperature Control Dial did not fully turn to the left to the 8 o'clock position. This was something I did not notice since I did not have a need to turn on the AC to cold in the 7-10 days of owning the car. Upon bringing it to the dealer where I purchased the vehicle they said that it was a "new" problem they "have never seen before". Understandably the car is only two years in and recently a new style.


Last week (Friday, April 7th) I dropped off the car in the afternoon to be worked on while I waited. Ninety minutes later a service technician returns stating that the job would take 3-4 hours to fix, they were unsure a replacement part(s) was available and that a technician would have to be called to advise but wasn't available on the weekends. Needless to say I wasted my time and reluctantly took the car back until returning again last night. My car was left on the night of April 13th to stay over so it could be worked on today April 14th. Around noontime my wife gets a call the HR-V has been repaired and that it was ready to be picked up. I go to the dealer in the "complimentary" rental to get my car. I meet the serviceman to who directs me to the cashier to get my keys. I thoroughly read the service that was performed and sign off on the car to get my key.


I begin to pull out of the service entrance but have a gut feeling to pull over to customer parking to not only check that the dial was repaired but everything else was working fine. I live a few towns over from where I bought the car so I needed to be sure it was working properly. One turn of the dial to the left and it fully turned to cold, but I decided to turn it all the way to the right and flip on the AC and recirculated air buttons. I go back to cold and the dials STOPS at the 10 o'clock position!!!! What the?! Needless to say I am frustrated and try to calmly walk back into the dealership, through the showroom back over to service. I explain that the repair did not hold despite the service printout stating it turned to cold "many times". The service man followed me out and I showed him the problem, he resubmitted the car for service and about an hour later came back saying that the heater box had to be replaced and a new part would be coming from Connecticut Monday.


A new heater box? Should this be even happening? Obviously no. Sadly I did not get to keep the initial copy of the service printout that was giving to me when I picked up the key. Because today's attempt was repair number one. Monday will be repair number two.


I'm researching Lemon Laws in my state (Massachusetts) and I'm trying to find the number of repair attempts and the time frame that must be tried before it falls under the Lemon Law.


I hope my ongoing story will help some buyers be aware of a new or possible problem in the 2017 HR-V LX.


I did do extensive research on my car via Consumer Reports 2017 Auto Issue before purchasing my car. When asked why I chose the HR-V it was because I wanted to downsize, but have some SUV features still and overall it fit my budget.


I prefer to buy new and not used. This car was new, delivered to me with 98 miles because I arrived from another dealership in Dartmouth, MA.





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