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Won't start even with starting fluid in carburetor


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1991 Honda Civic hatchback DX so I have changed the fuel pump it's working not fuel lines not clogged either is fuel filter but still won't start relays and fuses checked and are good tried hitting with a little bit of ether in the carburetor wants​ to start gets the closest but still won't


What's next guys?

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Turn the ignition switch ON (II), and watch the MIL.

• If the MIL doesn’t come on, or it comes on and

stays on,

see the electronic service manual


• If the MIL comes on for two seconds and then goes

off, go to step 2.

2. Check for battery voltage at the positive wire going

to the coil, and at the positive wire going to the ICM.

• If you have battery voltage, go to step 3.

• If you don’t have battery voltage, check for an

open between the ignition switch, the ICM, and the


3. Connect a voltmeter

between the coil negative terminal

and ground, and record the cranking voltage two ways:

first with the wire between the coil and ICM connected,

then with it disconnected.

• If you get about 8 V with the wire connected and

10 V with it disconnected, install a new coil, and


• If you get about 10 V with the wire connected and

disconnected, install a new ICM, and retest.

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