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Hello all. My 1991 Honda Accord wagon EX shudders when you start from a stop in first gear. It is really bad when starting from a stop going uphill. I had the clutch/flywheel replaced a few years ago and this problem was present before and after that. I actually think the problem was not a warped flywheel in the first place, but some other system malfunctioning.


What might cause a similar symptom to a warped flywheel? I have tried a couple of things to fix the issue, but nothing lasts more than 5 minutes. I replaced the air filter that was extremely dirty, and the car drove perfectly smooth for 5 minutes, then back to its present condition. I also noticed when I cleaned the EGR passages, that it did the same thing, drove awesome for 5 minutes, then back to shuddering. This makes me think the problem is something with the air/fuel delivery that needs to be adjusted/replaced.


Any help would be awesome. The car has 250k miles on it and I am planning to gift it to my nephew who is turning 16 in a couple of months. Thanks in advance. T

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