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No maintenance schedule provided by honda? WTH????

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So i just purchased a brand new 2016 cr-v. this is my second new honda. i LOVED my accord and kept it for almost a decade with no issues. I kept up with all the maintenance and made sure i used quality parts and service techs.


So my dealer told me i don't need to change my oil but every 8000 miles, and maybe more with full synthetic oil. WHAT? 8 - 10,000 miles between oil changes? I have never heard of this before.


As i sat at his desk filling out paperwork, looking through the owners manual... I couldn't find the maintenance intervals - so i asked. He told me "it's in the manual" - I asked him to show me... he couldn't find it either. He assured me it was on the Honda website. NOPE


So I wrote customer support. Put in a ticket. Their response was "Maintenance on the vehicle should be performed in accordance with the maintenance minder, a system in the car that alerts you when your vehicle has service due."


I said "This is not acceptable. I NEED to know when i can expect to do oil changes, brake fluids, transmission fluids, timing belts, etc". You obviously know this info, and require this maintenance to keep my warranty in effect. I want this info ahead of time so i can save money and to be able to budget the time accordingly.


Their response "I understand sir and I apologize that you are not satisfied with the vehicle's maintenance system. You are welcome to service the vehicle ahead of schedule if it suits your needs better. "


This is a load of crap! Why are they being secretive about a $24,000 car i just purchased?


Obviously they know this info, they programmed it into my car!


I told them, and am brutally stubborn, I will not purchase another honda product EVER again without this info.


can anyone please point or provide me towards this info?


thank you !

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