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Realigning the crank with the cams

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I am doing the timing belt on my 06 odyssey. I went to put everything to TDC, but accidentally had the keyway out. I turned the crankshaft, but not the timing belt or crank sprocket, about 60 degrees before it got through my thick skull that I was doing something wrong !!!omg

So how do I fix this? I have 3 options that I can think of, but don't know which one to do or if I need to do something entirely different.


A) Turn the crank back counterclockwise to realign the keyway holes (I don't think I should turn it counterclockwise though)

B) Turn the Crank clockwise the rest of 1 complete turn (But if the crank goes around twice everytime the cams go around once, do I need to go around twice)

C) Turn the crank clockwise the rest of 1 complete turn, and then do another complete turn (Is this extra turn a waste of time?)

Please help. I can't have my wives kid hauler down for too many more hours before she realizes I am not as smart as she thinks I am :rolleyes:

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