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I need some Good Advice

Russ Beaugureau

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Okay I have a 1991 Honda Civic 1.5 liter it's been having some trouble, at cold start it drives beautifully for about 8 to 10 miles and then when I warms up & the computer kicks on it completely bogs down Muffler gets loud you have to floor it and if there's a hill it won't do it. I took it to my friend a mechanic he didn't want to work on it cuz he works on higher end cars he said it might be electrical I took it to another shop that charge me $400+ and yet another mechanic charged me $600+ it's still not fixed what they've done so far is put a knew distributor new wires new spark plugs new gaskets oil change with oil filter and messed around with the wires. The second mechanic gave it to me said it was fine I took it for a drive 10 miles down the road stalled out on me got it started no power real loud muffler took it back to the mechanic he said it'd be a few more hundred dollars to look into it I said no so I put in a new O2 sensor now there was an original owner before me and her boyfriend works on car all the time he's got a wire coming from the back fuel pump hot-wired it comes up to the front but somehow it's pulled out and just sitting on the floor I don't know where to plug it and no one does the mechanics seem to believe it it's not part of the problem. It is connected to the yellow and black wire and it's live or hot when the car is on only I cleaned the throttle body.I need help. PS when it runs like that it can stall out but I unplug the wires from the map sensor and it runs much better without that plugged in but still gutless engine lights on and always has been since I've owned it it says 02 sensor and map sensor and control shift sensor but those have all been replaced. One last thing today I'm in Arizona it's hot as hell I didn't even get to drive it eight miles when I started it it was already running with the computer I wish I could just rip that computer out cuz it runs awesome when is not warmed up. One last thing sorry for the long detailed message when you start my car it starts literally instantly when you turn the key but after the computer kicks on and it's warm it turns over 5 - sometimes 10-15 times before it starts my theory is there's too much oxygen and not enough gas but what do I know

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