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95 del sol No start issue


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Alrighty... So I have a 95 del sol with a B18B1 that i just bought. Also it is wired tucked (which seemed cool till all these issues started happening).

What has happened is the battery exploded (relocated to the trunk thankfully) and power surged the entire system right before exploding.

Battery fuse, ECU fuse, acg (s), Acg (s)), SRS, ABS1 and 2, and the alternator itself were all blown in this unfortunate incident.

replaced the battery, all the fuses and just replaced the alternator. Before the alternator was replaced we got it down to just the SRS fuse kept blowing.

unplugged the srs module and that kept the fuse safe since it is not required to start the car. Had the starter tested and it worked just fine but go to start the car and nothing.

Hokay... so we replaced the fried alternator and a new issue has come up.... The radiator fan kicks on and stays on as soon as we hook up the battery. Also when we try to start the car the lights dim or shut off showing a power drain but there is nothing from the starter, no click, no sounds no nothing....


Any idea if there is a relay that could be causing no power to the starter or what the hell this issue could be? This isnt your average no start issue... almost purely electrical issue... HELP...

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so if anyone wanted an update or have had this issue or just wanted some extra knowledge, here ya go!

Cooling fan relay was stuck open, replaced it and now the fan works properly.

Starter cut off relay was also fried, replacing this allows the car to start!

As for the lights (none of them worked after this episode of hell) all the bulbs were blown.

Headlights, tail lights, turn signals and hazards all replaced and now those work.

Parasitic battery drain that was also found was coming from a fried car alarm system.

The fuses all kept blowing due to all the fusible links being toasted (80A battery, 60A ECU) which blew all the fuses.

Alternator voltage regulator went out causing the battery to fail, but kept pumping enough raw amperage through the system to blow all the fuses and eventually kill the car.


Remember routine maintenance!

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