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Honda CRV irritating hand brake alarm

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I have a 2011 Honda CRV. Recently, I am starting to have this issue. The alarm that comes when you put the hand brake and drive the vehicle is coming even when the hand brake is not applied. So suddenly while driving the vehicle, this alarm starts beeping and I see the red BRAKE in the instrument panel. The only way I can get rid of this noise is to try to pull the hand brake using my left hand as I drive the car. This comes so intermittently that Honda dealers are not able to see the issue when I take the car to them. The car also does not register an error code so they have no clue.

Once this issue starts, it comes as long I go to destination. I stop the car. Next time when I start the car, it may or may not come. This has been happening for several months now. What could the issue ? If Honda dealers can’t find it, is there a different location I can take my car to see what could be the reason. ? I live in Northern California.

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