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2003 accord 2.4L ac not working! Need help!!


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So I bought this accord back in October, no problems what so ever (knock on wood) but it was chilly when I bought the car so I didn't bother to check the air conditioning. It was 75 degrees a few days ago and I went to check it and it was hot. The compressor wasn't cycling either. I then bought freon and a hose I already had to add to the system. The compressor then kicked on along with the fans then shut right off and kept doing it and it was still blowing out hot. Then I went to release some pressure from the low port and their was ALOT of air in the system. Then It blew oit cold for a good 3 seconds but not too cold then hot again. Any ideas as to what it may be? Please help! Don't want to spend more money if I don't need to.

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I have the same car and it has had the same problem. I looked into it and apparently this is a common problem with this year. I have had it completely rebuilt and the cold air only lasted about a week. This was the second time having it fixed. At this point the cost to fix it is almost as much as the value of the car. I just gave up on it.

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