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Cooling Fan/Overheating Issue


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95 Civic 213k miles


Temperature gauge full hot and coolant overflow tank overfills after driving short trips and then idling. Vents sometimes blow cold air instead of hot. The car won't restart if shutoff without cooling down first. Determined radiator fan never comes on. If I jumper the thermo switch plug the fan will run. If I drive it like this, the temperature gauge stays normal and overflow tank stays normal. I have replaced the following so far:



-thermo switch

-radiator cap

-upper radiator hose/clamps


I have tested both new/old thermostats and both new/old thermo switches by boiling in a pot to service manual specified temps and all are functional. I have also attempted to bleed coolant system but this didn't help.


What could I be missing to get the fan to run correctly on its own? Is it damaging to run fan jumpered indefinitely? How could just the fan running prevent it from otherwise overheating?

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