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Prelude losing power

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I have a 1997 honda prelude h22 head with a h23 bottom end, it was an automatic swapped to a manual, its the way i bought it, now once i got it home i realized i had a oil leak! Rear main seal and front main seal were bad and my 5 speed bracket was broken along with my mount, also needs a new valve cover gasket since the timing belt has to get replaced, and the manifold gasket kit. But usually if i dont let the car warm up and head out and come to a stop or throw it in neutral itll shut off including power steering brakes etc just nothing works but ill turn it and itll turn back on i just have to keep it idling and itll go away once the car is warmed up, yes many will say well let the car warm up the point is if someone else has to use my car i wouldnt want them getting into an accident i cant seem to figure out why its doing this!

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alve clearances were done about 12 months ago
no cat on the car as it got the hytec rep manifold and 2.5" straight thru
leads are on fine - but going to check spark plugs today

could it be main relay on its way out - would explain why it starts fine but not working fully once warmed up

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