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97 Del Sol VTEC for sale

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I am selling a very unique Del Sol. I have had a lot of fun with this car but it's time for me to turn my attention to a new one. Here is the link to an ad I have on Car Gurus. http://cargur.us/5rK65.


Here is the description from the Ad. I am new to forums so I don't know how to post a picture.


This is the DOHC VTEC version of the Del Sol which makes 160hp. It has the B16A2 engine which is not modified and runs great. The interior is completely custom with professionally upholstered leatherette seats with red french stitching. The car's modifications are mostly around suspension. It has Eibach Ground Control fully adjustable coilover suspension and camber plates. I will be happy to adjust the suspension for you if you would like it up or down. I have it tuned right now for grip and ride quality. It is high enough to never bottom out and low enough to hug the road very tight. It has a short shift kit. All components of the exhaust are high flow including the cat but with two resonators to keep the noise under control. I hate loud high pitched exhaust so I have done everything possible to keep it low and under control. However, if you kick in the VTEC the car screams as it did when it was stock. The timing belt has been replaced twice already. The most recent one was in December at 149,000. The previous was at 77,000 miles. I have done a LOT of work on this car, way too much to list here but there are many new parts in this car. If you are interested just call me and I will go through what work has been done on it. This vehicle has an amazing sound system in it. When I got the car I took out the seats, the carpet and all the plastic panels to completely clean them and design the audio system from the ground up. The wiring and the rear speakers (polk audio components) come with the car. If you are interested in the rest of it we can discuss that, or give me your old audio system and I will install it for you or you can have the stock system that came with it. There are a few things that don't work in this car. The ABS system is not functioning b/c there are no longer parts for it. The trip meter does not work and the rear window defroster doesn't work. Clutch is in great shape.


I have performed the fix for the trunk leak, there is no water leaking into the trunk through the side panels.


The VTEC solenoid gaskets have both been replaced within the past two years. My last valve adjustment was about 5,000 miles ago and I replaced the valve cover gasket at the same time. I have EBC GSR rotors on all four wheels with redstuff pads in the back and greenstuff in the front. I replaced the right engine mount with a Torque mount due to some inconsistency when making right turns, the mount really did the trick but the car now has a slight vibration around 2,000 RPM. It's very worth the way it drives to me. I recently replaced the clutch master cylinder and the high pressure line near the slave cylinder. There are no water leaks on the car at all, it stays nice and dry inside.


I have owned the car since it had 109000 miles. Since then I have been performing oil changes every 3000 to 3500 miles and have performed a valve adjustment twice. I changed the MTF with Honda MTF at 110000 Miles. I replaced the radiator at 149,000 miles with Mizu aluminum radiator. I performed a full tune up with new distributor cap, rotor, plugs and wires during the first valve adjustment around 130,000 miles. At 149,000 I changed the timing belt, cam seals, crank seal, water pump and all three drive belts.


This car is in great shape. I have it listed at 6900.00


The ABS does not function. The Tripmeter is not working. The rear window defroster does not work.



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