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*Please Help* Auto transmission sometimes doesn't shift

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In my 1994 Del Sol Si automatic, it sometimes won't shift out of 2nd gear upon starting from park. Usually when I start moving it makes this scrape sound and will shift, but other time it'll stick in 2nd and make a high pitched sound as it revvs up to high rpms. Usually when it does this, if I make a complete stop and sit for a second and start going again, it'll make the scrape sound and start shifting, but other times it doesn't. It's harder to make it start shifting when I have to first back up like down a driveway or out of a parking space. I'm thinking it's not the transmission itself, because when it does shift, it shifts really cleanly. Perfect fluid level, tested the upper shift/lock up solenoids, they work. What could be causing this? Is there another solenoid to test or is it a problem with the TCU? Please help!

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