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Couple Dumb Questions about 05 civic lx


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So, I went to Jiffy Lube today and they told me that the recommended oil for my car was a 0W, that was a synthetic/conventional hybrid. I am pretty sure that on my previous oil changes they always put in a 5W. So, I have a few questions about this, and one or two more additional questions.


1) If I have in fact been using a 5W oil, should I expect any issues, or is the 5W sufficient?


2) Most people have told me that if you go full synthetic, that you cannot go back to conventional. The guy at Jiffy Lube told me that it doesn't matter. While the guy at Jiffy Lube may not the worlds best mechanic, he definitely knows more about cars than I do. So, is it true that you can swap back and forth, or should I stay with synthetic?


3) If anyone is using the 0W synthetic, I think the brand was PENZOIL, does anyone know the mileage that I can typical expect to get out of that? I know everyone says that, and pardon the pun, "Your mileage may vary". But I am not planning on racing the car. I think it should be 5-10k from my Googling.


4) I am going to change my own spark plugs. Anyone recommend a decent (inexpensive not cheap) spark plugs and cables?


In the future I will be changing my oil, breaks, plugs, etc. This time I just (over) paid to have it changed, and it was odd. I never heard of a 0W until today.


Thank you in advance for any answers or advice.

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