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New Member Civic Advice?


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Hello everyone. I am a new member to the Honda forums out of Portland, OR. I have an 07 Accord EX and a 05 Civic LX. Excited to learn, chat, and find info here...


I have an 05 Civic Lx and I am looking to get some major service done to it (long overdue). The car just hit 135k. I have done the timing belt/water pump, routine oil/filter changes, and brakes. Im going to be taking my car in later this month to get some maintenance done.


My question is… what other items should be done?


Im thinking:


transmission flush

PS flush

radiator flush

brake flush

Spark Plugs

drive belts

radiator hoses

fuel filter replacement



Should I have anything else done at the same time I take my civic in?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated...


Thanks everyone,



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