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Mysterious Paint Chip...What should I do?


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Hey all, I found this paint chip behind the mirror of my 2004 Honda civic. I have no idea how it showed up, is there anything I can do to fix it? I'm scared to put it through a car wash in fear that it'll be worsened.

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Not unusual since they are wings sticking out there to hit every bug, dirt, grit and the occasional bird you drive past. They also make great targets in the parking lot. This is why they are made of plastic and just bolted onto the side of the car.


Get your paint code off the door, go to a local auto parts place that dispenses paint (or your dealer), buy touchup bottle. It won't look factory but when you lightly brush on a couple layers the color will match close enough that only people close up to the car would notice and it will seal the edge of the chip to prevent it from continuing to flake off and get worse. If the paint chip is much larger than a quarter this probable isn't going to be the best option as the bigger the chip the more noticeable your patch job will be.


You could also try and find a matching mirror from a salvage yard that has good paint and replace the whole mirror assembly. This will cost a little more than the touchup paint and require you to have some tools and ability to take your door panel off and so on. This would be a good choice if the paint chip is larger and you have the time and tools to do the replacement.


You can have a local body shop sand and repaint your mirror. It will look better, it will cost more but requires the least amount of work on your end.

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