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Honda Civic 2007


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I have been having an issue with my Honda Civic AC unit. This is the scenario.

The compressor engages, as I can hear it go on. Turning the AC on will allow very cold air to flow - this would go for about 20 minutes or so and then there would be no more cold air but it will just throw out air / warm air.

I've been told by a couple of different mechanics at the different dealerships that it might be the compressor "tripping".

Is there any way for me to check and how much should the procedure cost?


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Beats me. The AC system is the first thing I remove on every car I own. They reduce power and fuel mileage even when turned off and they are a pita to maintain, as you are seeing.


There are many possible reasons your system is cutting out. But an AC system itself is actually pretty simple. A handful of lines, a condenser, a compressor, a dryer and evaporator and a couple valves. The compressor is the only 'active' part aside from sensors and the hvac blower. If nothing is leaking or blocked there isn't much else left. If none of the fuses or relays are failing then the compressor itself is really all that remains to suspect. Your scenario could be caused by low pressure or air in the system but that would be one of the first things any AC tech would test for. Compressors on all cars, especially 'newer' cars are expensive. Paying a shop to replace it could easily be over $500 depending on if they use a new Honda part or even a cheap rebuild. To get a base cost idea look up the retail price of a compressor from NAPA or Pep Boys or any other local parts supply shop. Unless you go to Honda that is the same place your mechanic will be getting the part at. He'll get a commercial discount and mark it up to usually around the same price as what the part shop has for a mid-grade product.

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