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2000 BB6 Prelude problem


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So just yesterday i was on my way to work and out of no were in second gear at about 2-3k rpm my engine loses power and what feels like either loss of electricity to the ignition system (which im pretty sure can be ruled out because my speakers and sub still worked just fine) indicating a possible bad alternator: fuel pump going bad (although it would still sit at idle just fine): or maybe an air sensor or valve gone bad(it sounded like the engine was starving for either air fuel or ignition)? this only happens within the first 1-2 miles after starting the car after that it runs fine. when is does happen it smells like a mix of fuel and exhaust in the car and it sounds like the car would when you have almost no gas left. if i press the pedal to the floor it stops and i gain power back until i let off the throttle to shift and continues through all gears. if any one could please give me some advice on what this might be i would really appreciate it before this turns into a bigger problem.

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