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JDM Honda Motor Specs

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ok everybody im here to give the most information about the JDM Honda motors everyone here in the states get. i can give prices on all of them and some info. ok so here we go:



Price: 750.00

1395cc (1.6L) DOHC or SOHC VTEC


10.9 Compressions Ratio

Cable Tranny




Price: 1350.00

1595cc (1.6L) DOHC VTEC


10.2 Compression Ratio

Cable Transmission

160 HP



Price: 2350.00

1595cc (1.6L) DOHC VTEC


10.4:1 Compression Ratio

Hydraulic Transmission

170 HP



Price: 4600.00



Price: about 500

1500cc (1.8L) DOHC


11.5 Compression Ratio

Cable Tranny



Price: 3300.00

1797cc (1.8L) DOHC VTEC


10.6:1 Compression Ratio

Hydraulic Transmission




Price: 4800.00

1797cc (1.8L) DOHC VTEC


11:1 Compression Ratio

Hydraulic LSD Transmission

190 HP



Price: 900.00




Price: 2500.00

2.157cc (2.2L) DOHC VTEC


10.6 Compression Ratio

Hydraulic Transmission



H22A Type S:

Price: 4500.00




Price: 4000.00

200hp/145 trq




Price: 1,000,000.00

200 hp 158 trq


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is it safe to use forced induction with them, the compression seems a little high?

i was going to get a KL-ZE for my mazda (the JDM 2.5L DOHC V-6), but i'm staying with the KL-03 (A-spec 2.5L DOHC V-6) because i'm adding a turbo and the compression in the JDM engine is too high.

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with any one of those, you can get a new head gasket to lower the compression then boost the hell outta it. I know mr Gasket makes stackable gaskets at all different thinknesses. this is how the FMAX kit is able to run high psi safely....its all about compression and the temps it creates.

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hey zc rex, so you've been to japan? do you go often?? if so, you think you can bring back some front lips for my car?! :D man, nobody makes kits for my car in the US! its only found in japan and it costs an arm and a leg to get it shipped here. so whats up!?!? :laugh:

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i got to Japan about 3-4 times a year to see alot of the shows and see whats going on with honda/acura. i also go over to find rare JDM parts. TL whats your car. i dont member. i need year make model. give me all of it. i see if i can but it will cost u because i gota have extra cash incase i bring crap back. it costs lots to bring it back w/ u on the plane and lots more if u have it sent over here.

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not really i have a friend who has a itr motor and runs around 17psi of boost

is it safe? Technically, it's "safe" to around 6psi before u've gotta drop the compression...using headgaskets are a waste of time.


that 17psi on an itr motor is obviously not stock, and u can't do that with just a thicker headgasket

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To lower compression you will need different pistons (ie, low compression pistons) Like on a Civic Type R, the compression is high, and lots of people use Civic type R pistons on other applications, but not if you are gonna use boost. It's just not safe.

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I still dont see reason for someone to buy a b16b. That's like a waste of money to buy a destroked b18c type r. I mean who pays the same amount of money for a motor that makes less power? B16B


well if your only reason for doin the swap is power and speed, which to many it is, then yes a b16b is obviously the wrong choice. for the people going for something different from the flock and something that wont be found under every hood, then the b16b is a way better choice then a b18c5. however if you really want something rare, find a b18c4, those are hard to find even in japan.

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But i still fail to see the whole point of taking a B18C-R and throwing a b16 crank in it and some rods to work with the raised deck block. Then companies rack up on "stroker" kits that really take th b18c crank and the ITR rods and just sell them to people who were stupid enough to buy it in the first place. I wonder what honda's whole explanation for the CTR is anyways.

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