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T or A ?



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  1. 1. T or A ?

    • T: big and round
    • T: size dont matter as long as they're perky
    • A: nice round booty

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I must say I enjoy a good booty but perky tits are great, I don't like them too big because they don't retain their firmness at large sizes... Yay boobies!

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ill probably get flamed for this but...... too big of a breast is just a turn off. especially naturally huge breasts.. size isn't important to me, as long as i can get her nips hard :o


as for a*s... "i like big butts and i cant deny..." the girl cant be fat with an big a*s....that doesn't count. the girl has to be thin or has a little meat with an a*s in order to bust my nuts :D

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this thread has been around b4 i even knew what a nice ass or what are nice tits


but i have to go with A

like o0verbo0ost said in june 2002..a girl can always get bigger tits..but she can neva go out and get a new ass

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im gonna have to go with the ass, see T's just there, but the A you can grab on to and use it like a handle while you hittin it, if ya catch my drift


and by the way, you can get ass implants too, but that just seems weird to me

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Size isn't the biggest thing on the B just as long as they look nice, nothin less than a B-cup for sure. The A should be at least sorta big, gotta stand out a little, give me something to look at when i walkin behind her.

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