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Should i....

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I am about to sell my 1994 300zx with 50k mi. 5spd.

I am now looking into the following cars.......

2002 3.2CL Type S w/navigation

2002 Nissan Altima

2002 Lexus IS300 5 spd

2002 VW Passat GLX

2002/03 Subaru WRX


I only have to pay insurance on these cars. With my 300zx i am paying 1250 every 6 months! ! and i just put 3200 into repair on it.

Clutch, Pressure plate, Throw out bearing, Spline.

Radiator, A/C, Power steering and a repaint on back bumper.

Car is in EXCELLENT condition. 13,900 obo. for those of you who want to know.

What would YOU get if you had the choice.

I dont know yet if im going for sporty or luxury.

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those are nice choices and is hard to just pick 1. i'd go for the new 3.2 CL-S w/navi for luxury and power. the altima isn't too luxurious (sp?) but it is a strong a*s car! is300 is nice too but isn't that car too common?? passat?......thats up to you. subaru wrx, now thats a quick a*s car! but its not a luxury car. im just guessing that your getting rid of your z just b/c your sick of having a sports car. i think you should get rid of it and get a luxury car/sports car......and for this, i suggest the new 3.2 CL-S with navi. the new CL-S has 6 speed i believe..

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yeah, with just those 3 cars......its still a hard choice. i dont think the is300 and the wrx isn't as strong as the CL... i THINK the wrx MAY be able to take a CL but who knows....CL-S has 270 hp! thats some crap, dont you agree??? TL-S has 270 hp also.. OHHHHH and by the way........i heard acura isn't going to make anymore CL's, so........get it while you can!! it'll be a classic since they're going to stop making CLs :D

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