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Gas sitting in car for 8 months...


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Okay, my 1995 Honda Civic DV 1.5L non-vtec sat for 8 months while I was trying to figure out how to get the blasted thing going. Which I finally did. After a month of driving it, I get a check engine light code 43...which is, "fuel supply system".


I live in Los Angeles and the temperatures over the past 8 months that the car was sitting was an average of 90 degrees and my car sat in parking garage that was never cold. After I got my car re-started, I added some fuel cleaner to the gas tank. Upon next fuel up, I added a whole engine system fuel cleaner for good measure.


Let me give you facts pertaining to my car...

  • Fuel filter replaced 3,400 miles ago
  • Fuel pump and fuel pump strainer replaced 1,300 miles ago
  • Oxygen sensor replaced 1,300 miles ago
  • Oil filter and oil replaced 1,300 miles ago


I have NOT replaced the fuel injectors (4 of them) in the last 150,000 miles. This is my only guess as to what could be throwing the check engine light for a code 43 "fuel supply system". Should I clean them, replace them? Any other suggestions of what might be throwing this check engine light. Yes, I know that letting my fuel sit for 8 months is probably not the greatest thing to do. And "no" I did not drain it from my car...it all past through my engine already.

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I don't think letting it sit for 8 months had much to do with it. My 95 is the same spec as yours and it sat for over two years and fired right up with the gas that was still in the tank.


To me the more likely scenario has to do with the order of replacement. You did the fuel filter before the fuel pump. Ample opportunity for the filter to have become fouled up when you pulled things back apart to install the new pump. You didn't really say but is the car running fine with the error light on or is it not running or running poorly?

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