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Old Games has gone and done it!

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Old Games has gone and done it!

Watch Gravity Online For those of you who prefer a more passive approach, two more towers are also being added to your arsenal, including a Friendship Laser and a Mind Control Spire. The Friendship Laser does some decent damage on its own, but set up a network of these bad boys and you’ll really see the sparks fly. The Mind Control Spire, on the other hand, turns enemies into allies for a few seconds.

Watch Insidious Chapter 2 Online Finally, new enemies are included in this update, including the Heavy Pup and flying Bliskeblaske, as well as seven new perks to equip and four new maps to explore. The latest LEGO game from TT Games has managed to find its way onto the market for the Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, PC and every other platform under the sun (including being on the list as a launch title for the Xbox One and PS4). For those of you having trouble playing the game and you need a little help to get you through the tough spots or find hidden areas, a new video walkthrough series has become available.

Watch Escape Plan Online Surprisingly enough, there are actually some gameplay complexities involved with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes where it requires a bit more than a controller and a will to play. The video walkthrough series starts from the very beginning of the experience and travels through each adventure in the game that unlocks new heroes, brings in new foes and basically rolls out a very detailed Marvel experience that I'm sure many diehard fans would have loved to have seen play out on the big screen (sorry, but some studios who can't tell their thumbs from their big toes and their mouths from their anuses are in control of some of the more popular heroes right now).

Watch Carrie Online Nevertheless, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes contains just about every popular and non-popular Marvel hero (and heroine) that most comic book fans, cartoon followers and art fiction enthusiasts have become familiarized with throughout the years. One of the biggest surprises about the game is just how diverse the gameplay happens to be and this has translated into positive review scores from major gaming publishers and gamers alike. Still, a good game can oftentimes stump even the most ardent of players and that's where the walkthroughs come in.

Watch 12 Years a Slave Online The video walkthroughs will give you a nice and easy look at each of the levels so you'll have an idea of where to go and what to do on each level just in case you get stuck somewhere. The playlist also doles out an easy way to navigate through the levels of the game, with each video representing a different level. You can find out what the objectives are in each level, how to use each of the hero's powers, how to defeat each of the bosses and where some of the secrets are thanks to the video walkthrough series. Although, it would seem like gamers with a penchant for discovery might be able to figure out most of the game's ins and outs with a bit of curiosity and the will to explore.

Watch The Fifth Estate Online Hence, a lot of gamers will need to pick and choose their games this fall with calculated fervor. On one side we have a game pushing next-generation levolution and physics systems, a massive amount of players on screen at one time, massive maps and a deep weapon customization setup. On the other side we have a game pushing next-generation fish AI, a playable Lassie and more explosions than a cross-over project from Michael Bay and Cliffy B., where the entire crew is hocked up on ecstasy.

Helping gamers to further decide which game best suits the palate of their wallet, DICE and Infinity Ward have new trailers depicting both games in very different lights. First up, you can check out DICE's trailer below for Battlefield 4. After watching that wallop of a trailer, you can check out Infinity Ward's trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts below, featuring Riley the dog facing down bad guys and saving America like a good patriot.

Good Old Games has gone and done it; they've gone and won themselves an internets. Mounting controversy has eclipsed the release of an indie game called Dark Matter. The controversy? The game abruptly ends since the original devs ran out of money and the Kickstarter didn't go through. Gamers raged and Good Old Games responded... responded with refunds.

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