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Friendly post from the CD Projekt

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Friendly post from the CD Projekt

Watch Captain Phillips Online So which game has your fancy tickled and which will win over the contents of your wallet this fall? Cross-game chat, also known as party chat, will finally arrive on a Sony console after being absent throughout the entirety of the seventh gen of gaming due to memory restriction issues on the PlayStation 3. The PS4's rendition of cross-game chat will support up to eight players, as confirmed by Sony. DLB-Network spotted the note by Sony's manager of Social Media, Sid Shuman. Unlike Microsoft Sony can actually trust different employees to talk about their upcoming console, where-as Microsoft has limited talk to just Major Nelson and Albert Penello.

Watch Kill Your Darlings Online Anyway, Shuman simply stated in a comment thread on a PlayStation blog post about Killzone: Shadow Fall that...Previously, Sony had confirmed that the PlayStation 4 would support cross-game party chat as a native system function so it will be available in each and every game running on the PS4. That's excellent news for gamers who have friends who may or may not all have the same game but still want to chat with them regardless.

Watch All is Lost Online The cross-game chat has been a much-requested feature by gamers who lamented its absence on the PlayStation 3. The party chat function was also especially popular on the Xbox 360, as gamers could communicate and chat with their friends across different games and eventually meet up and schedule game sessions without actually having to be in the lobby of a game. It was easy, convenient and designed to keep the process of playing with friends across various games seamless and easy.

Watch Insidious 2 Online Due to the PS3's split RAM issues, there just wasn't enough resources to implement the feature and in turn, this meant that the PS3 was lacking one of the most fundamental features for online multiplayer gaming. The PS4 won't be running into the same kind of hurdles or roadblocks that the PS3 had, especially given that it has a shared thread on the APU to access 8GB of GDDR5 random access memory. The only downside to this is that we don't explicitly know how much of that 8GB is reserved for OS operations. The number seems to leap around quite a bit, but we do know for sure that there's enough reserved for Ustream, the game and cross-game party chat to run simultaneously.

Watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Online If you like what the PlayStation 4 is selling then you won't have to wait long before you can get in on the action when the system launches in mid-November, next month. Pre-orders are hard to come by for Sony's upcoming console but if you search around enough you might be able to find one from a back-alley Craigslist monger or from an eBay flipper for an astronomical price. There's also the alternative of getting an Xbox One, I hear they're available in a great number of supply.

Watch Insidious Chapter 2 Online The Sims 4, like its predecessors, lets players build virtual people and then guide them through their everyday lives. In-game accomplishments will award you with new items to decorate your Sim or their home. The Sims are said to be more intelligent and expressive this time around. Players will have more precise tools for customizing Sims and homes as well.

Watch Cloudy 2 Online Man those trailers are about as disparate as you can get as far as marketing goes. There's no story in the Call of Duty trailer and tons of explosions. On the opposite end, Battlefield focuses entirely on the story and uses the action to help balance the drama... plus a dog gets punched in the face.

As far as features go, you won't be getting vehicles, environmental destruction or 64 players in Call of Duty: Ghosts. But then again, you won't be getting spawn killed, moving at nearly 70km/h while running or being able to kill someone by dolphin diving through a recycled building from Modern Warfare and throwing a knife into the air only for it to land on top of a sniper's head in Battlefield 4. Players can share their creations with other players online. However, players can feel free to play offline if they wish. The single-player option was a relief to many players who suffered through the server issues of the online-only SimCity earlier this year. EA has every reason to take the "slow and steady" approach with this sequel. Originally a spin-off of their SimCity series, The Sims has become a powerhouse franchise in its own right. It's now the best-selling PC game series in history with over 150 million copies sold as of Spring 2011.

Blue's News spotted the PR-friendly post from the CD Projekt operated digital distribution outlet, which notes that users dissatisfied with the turnout of Dark Matter can get a refund of their DRM-free copy from Good Old Games.It's come to our attention that the gamecard for Dark Matter was not quite specific enough about the nature of the game and, as a result, it may be that some people bought the title with some misapprehensions as to how the game's story would end. Since we don't ever want to sell a game to someone because they believe it is something that it is not, we wanted to let you know about this and let you know what we're doing to make it right.

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