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Undoubtedly on the rise?


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Undoubtedly on the rise?

Watch All is Lost Online Is your short hair part of the look of the character? Or is it just something that's easier to wear a wig with? Neither. I just like short hair on women, I think it's cool. And I have wanted to cut my hair for very many years, but being on contract with a television show for six years prevents you from doing that, and then being on contract with a cosmetic endorsement campaign prevents you from doing that again. So for eight years, I've had to have long, flowing locks. And I was just so sick and tired of long, flowing locks, so I chopped them.

Watch 12 Years a Slave Online So what have you been doing the last few days on set? What's the adventure been? Kind of the story of my life on this film is that I'm just not on set most of the time. The last few days, I've been enjoying home and hearth, and been at home with my girlfriend who's visiting from Hawaii. I spend a very little amount of time on set for the amount of time I'm in New Zealand, which is great.

Watch Carrie Online When a small group of other film journalists and myself traveled to New Zealand last year to visit the set of The Hobbit we had the wonderful chance to sit

Watch The Fifth Estate Online Oh, but if Warner Bros. were to make these available in an online store this weekend, I’d gladly buy one of each. Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth stories are amongst some of the most passionate in the world. There is an amazing number of people out there who can speak

Watch One Direction This is Us Online The screenplay, which earned scribe Brad Desch a coveted spot of the 2012 Black List of Hollywood's best unproduced screenplays, centers on the problematic relationship between a famous but mentally

Watch Sweetwater Online In the meantime, this is the type of coverage we can expect about Batman-Superman. The jerseys worn by football players in a scene that might amount to 5 seconds of screen time gets heavy coverage. It’s a superhero world, folks. Make yourselves comfortable.Last winter Amanda Seyfried

Watch The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete Online Batman-News.com gets the scoop on the above football jerseys that will represent the proud DC cities. The site also reports that Snyder

Watch CBGB Online In the meantime, I cannot recommend enough Raphael's movie podcast called How Did This Get Made. There she and her co-hosts Paul Scheer (A.K.A. Mr. June Diane Raphael) and Jason Mantzoukas "try to make sense of the movies that make no sense," like Congo, Toys or I Know Who

Watch We Are What We Are Online Business Trip stars Vaughn as a Midwestern businessman who takes his team on a cross-country road trip to secure a coveted contract. We assume many highway hijinks will be had along the way. The laffer will reunite Vaughn with his Delivery Man director Ken Scott, and Deadline reveals June Diane Raphael has signed on to play Vaughn's wife,

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