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i parted a few cars a while ago and the parts below are whats left. the list is updated and these are the only parts i have left. i sell on ebay but with the fees i am looking for alternatives. i have a paypal account thats secure to send payments to or if you would like to meet up i live in sacramento, ca. make me an offer for whatever you need. the prelude was a 93 h22 vtec, the civic eg was a 94 d15 and the del sol was a 93 d16. email norcalaudi@hotmail.com or call 707-363-0520

prelude parts:
front brake calipers l,r
stereo housing
rear license plate bezel
set of 4 turned brake rotors
glove box
steering wheel
a/t shifter complete
front seat belts l,r
front bumper support
rear bumper support
driver window
passenger window
trunk lid door
driver door
passenger door
rear bumper
exhaust downpipe h22 and h23
moon roof assembly
complete vtec body wiring harness
half shaft counter shaft for axle
hood open prop rod
side skirts
clock spring for steering wheel
hood hinges
door open max stoppers
passenger window motor
trunk release cable
fuel door release cable
seat belt buckle rear center
steering wheel position sensor
flexible brake lines to calipers all 4
heater coolant flow control valve
hood open prop rod blue or black
trunk latch
cruise control steering wheel buttons
mirror position switch
light dimmer switch
cruise control on/off switch
sunroof open/close switch
door position switch
passenger window switch
horn buttons
blower motor
blower resistor
e brake lever
cruise control unit
power steering reservoir
brake master cylinder
wiper motor
clutch slave cylinder
door lock actuator l,r
fuel rail h22
coolant thermostat housing with ect
ignition cable, blue harness
abs control unit
srs control unit
a/t control unit
cruise control unit
srs impact sensors
license plate lamps & bulbs
interior door handles l,r
fuel door blue or silver
driver exterior door handle in blue
exterior door handles in silver l,r
complete a/c system, every part to run it
headlight housing l,r
torque converter

del sol parts:
ignition switch tumbler
trunk hinges l,r
fuel door
brake master cylinder
interior fuse box
dash fuse cover
window position switch
clutch fluid reservoir
defrost switch
door position switch
horn speaker
fuel door release cable
rear speaker covers l, r
front brake calipers l, r
hood open prop rod
window washer reservoir fluid pump motor
heater coolant flow control valve
master window switch
clutch slave cylinder
side skirts l, r
passenger window
driver window
passenger door
dash in excellent shape

civic eg parts:
ashtray, change, lighter housing
1.5l intake manifold
interior complete fuse box
under hood exterior complete fuse box
flexible brake lines fl, fr
srs control unit
interior dome light lamp
right door lock actuator
rear center seat belt and buckle
e brake lever
right door speaker cover
side door mirror glass l, r
clutch slave cylinder
door position switch
ignition switch tumbler
fuel cap
driver airbag
passenger airbag
hood prop rod
horn speaker
hazard switch

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