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Slow acceleration between gears


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I have a 1995 Honda Civic DX 1.5 non-vtec engine (engine #D15B7)...the car has an automatic transmission.

I have noticed this issue start a year ago. Whenever the car changed gears, there is a pause between gears, as if the car is having difficultly changing gears. And when the gears are changing and the car is hesitant, I can feel the gas being applied, but no acceleration between gear shifts. The best way to describe it is, if you accidentally hit your stick into neutral while the gas is being pressed, you feel the gas being applied, but of course, no acceleration.

This issue is really annoying and the car takes extra time accelerating when I first take it out on any given day. After the issue was noticed and more recently, I changed the spark plugs, spark wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump strainer, PCV valve, oxygen sensor (only 1 on my car), oil filter, oil, transmission fluid replacement, air filter, timing belt, water pump, "3" other belts, battery, timing adjustment. I was hoping after all of that, the problem would be fix. Please don't get me wrong, I only changed these for preventative maintenance.

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There are some telltale warning signs that your Honda's transmission may be starting to fail. The transmission is slipping out of gear while you are driving at a steady speed, or the transmission up-shifts and then immediately drops out of gear. A lag in acceleration may indicate that the transmission is not able to shift quickly enough. The transmission should shift smoothly between gears. Any knocking or clunking sounds that appear as your vehicle changes gears may indicate increased wear or failure in the transmission.

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I secretly think Jeff Collision is a bot.


I don't have any constructive input on your automatic trans problem. Of the 4 civics I've owned they all had manuals.


I would venture to guess, based on your comment about the other repairs and maintenance work you did, that you have the mechanical capability to replace the transmission. Automatic transmissions should be available through your local craigslist for dirt cheap. The last one I had came free with the manual transmission I bought. Start the search now, before you need it, and I am sure you can find a 'good' one for $25, maybe $50.

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