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Car will not start after new starter install

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I installed a re-manufacturer starter into my car, but I noticed my ground wire was broken (it was that way when I purchased the car used, 3 years back). And this is probably why my starter went bad to begin with.

I would hit the old starter solenoid with a mallet every now and then, to get the car starter...but you can only do that so many times. At any rate, I replace the starter and the car turns on just fine. I am ordering OEM part through the mail. After a week, the car starts to giving me trouble starting specifically from the starter. Not the battery, because it was just purchased brand new. I am 99% confident the reason the new re-manufacturer starter I installed is giving me trouble was because of a lack of ground. And then my car ceases to start at all. Actually, I heard the starter trying to turn the car on and it was almost going to turn on, but than the car dies and I have not been successful in getting it to even rev or rum, rum. I have also replaced the negative cable with a new one and still, my starter will not kick my engine on.

Without a grounding and running my car for a week, could I have shorted my starter? I checked all fuses and relays in the engine and they are all functioning. I have also checked all fuses under the car dash (driver side) and they are all functioning. Maybe there is a missing relay I missed? My first thought is short somewhere, but I am not sure where. I guess my next step is to replace starter again and see if that solves the issue.

What do you think?

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Problem solved! I watched numerous You Tube videos about testing electronic components. I did a voltage drop test, I checked continuity, I rechecked components, relays, etc. Nothing showed anything wrong; however, I watched a You Tube video that said you must have a minimum of 12.40 voltages on your battery. My battery tested at 12.39 (only 3 months old)...I return battery to Costco and they told me that my Odyssey took a bigger battery (with more cranking amps). That figures...that last place sold me the wrong battery. I was hoping that this discrepancy would have solved my car not starting...it did not.

After all of the tests performed, I was left with the last resort...replace the starter I just installed a month prior. After the replacement...car starts up just fine. I guess we will see how long this will last for. Well, at least I learned a lot about testing with a voltage drop meter and a multi-meter.

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