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Overheating Question

Thomas Perry

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A few weeks ago my Honda Accord (1997 - 184k miles) overheated and stalled out luckily just as I pulled into a car place. The check engine light also came on. I had the radiator and thermostat replaced. Since then the car has choked a little when starting up but is fine after about 20 seconds. The car still overheated and I had a bad fan replaced. Now the check engine light has come on again and the 3rd cylinder is full of oil. The car is also still overheating. Does anyone have any ideas? I can provide more info if needed.


Thanks in advance! My personal view is that the head gasket needs replacing, but if that is the case can it cause overheating with the radiator, thermostat and cooling fans being brand new?

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When you are sitting in traffic, your vehicle's engine is not getting the same amount of airflow it gets while driving at highway speeds. This loss of airflow can cause the engine temperature to be higher than normal. However, if your engine temperature gets too high while driving in traffic, there is a problem with your cooling system. The first thing to check any time your car overheats is the cooling system. Low coolant is typically caused by leaks or a lack of maintenance. The fan comes on when you are traveling at low speeds or idling. If the fan is not working properly, your vehicle will overheat at slower speeds but perform normally at highway speeds. If the thermostat does not adjust, your car can overheat. If the radiator cap fails, your cooling system will not maintain proper pressure and your vehicle can overheat, especially if it is sitting in place, idling.

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Thanks for the responses! I'm a little confused about what else it could be in my cooling system. The radiator, thermostat and cooling fan are all working fine (had them just replaced and tested) and the coolant levels are good.


The 3rd cylinder is full of oil, but i'm not seeing any smoke from the tail pipe. The only thing i'm seeing is when I first start the car from a cold start, the engine stutters a lot and occasionally cuts out for about 20-30 seconds. After that it is fine and it runs ok apart from when I am sat in traffic for any amount of time.


Thanks again !

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