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Drift is about the Andy?


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Drift is about the Andy?

Watch Riddick Online Another incredibly crucial element of the Fast & Furious franchise is its skill for anticipating what an audience wants, and delivering it the most insane level. Oh you like car chases? How about a car chase with a massive safe being hurled around like a wrecking ball? How about a car chase involving a tank or a jumbo jet on fire? The greatest joys of this franchise are that they are so packed with completely gonzo action that they tell your brain to just shut the hell up and enjoy the ride. But key to their execution is the building of tension, and a sharp skill for directing action.

Watch One Direction This Is Us Online Of course the action scenes in horror movies are a bit different. Instead of muscle cars tearing down highways at impossible speeds, you have characters tearing around a house ridden with ghosts and lurking dangers. From Saw, The Conjuring or Insidious: Chapter 2, Wan has shown a skill at building hair-raising tension in sequences like this. He has a decent skill for pacing, drawing out moments of terror and then punctuating them with a well-placed scare. But more importantly, he has a keen sense of spatial awareness in his movies that will prove a necessary asset in Fast & The Furious 7.

Watch We're The Millers Online The long in-development live-action movie based on R.L. Stine's popular horror series Goosebumps is finally taking some major steps towards production, and today it's not only been revealed who is likely to star in it, but also what the basic story is about. The Wrap is reporting that Jack Black is now in negotiations to star in the film, which is set to be directed by Rob Letterman. According to the new story, the film will have Black playing the role of a "Stine-like author," which presumably means that he will primarily focus on young-adult horror. Problems begin, however, when the stuff that the writer puts on the page begin to come alive and torment him (which kind of makes the movie sound like a scary version of John Candy's 1991 film Delirious). There is no mention of who is responsible for this version of the screenplay, though it was only in 2012 that Sony hired Jack The Giant Slayer scribe Darren Lemke to write a script

Watch Insidious Chapter 2 Online With so many characters in play in that film series, there are usually at least 3 or more cars the audience needs to keep track of to understand an action setup. In his horror movies, Wan is very mindful to establish the houses that are plagued by poltergeists before all hell breaks lose, so that when audiences need to understand where characters are in relation to the haunted music room or the creepy basement, they do. If an action director doesn’t establish these things, it makes action sequences incoherent and frustrating rather than engaging and fun.

Watch Lee Daniels The Butler Online While it's a bit hard to explain, there's something about this casting that just sits perfectly with me. I was a big fan of the book series growing up, and loved that they balanced out occasionally legitimately spooky stories with a side of goofiness and fun. Provided that Black doesn't go too far off the rails, which admittedly tends to be the biggest problem with his style, then the star should be a good fit for the tone of the story mixing a fun sense of humor with the intensity that comes with being the lead singer of Tenacious D.

Watch The Family Online What does give me pause about this project is Letterman's presence as director. He has previously worked with Black two times before, and the results were Shark Tale and Gulliver's Travels (the latter of which was his live-action debut). It's possible that this time around he'll be working from a better script - the story sounds at least mildly interesting - and he's got a better sense of live-action filmmaking, but I'm hesitant to hold my breath.

Watch Wadjda Online Black hasn't been doing a ton of film work as of late, but very recently got rave reviews for his turn as real-life serial killer Bernie Tiede in Richard Linklater's festival hit Bernie. He'll next have a small role in the Jake Kasdan-directed comedy Sex Tape with Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, and will be returning to voicing Po in 2015's Kung Fu Panda 3. Are you looking forward to the Goosebumps movie? Answer our poll below and let us know what you think of the story and Jack Black's potential casting in the comments section.

Watch The Wolverine Online Surfing movies are often about overcoming an obstacle or a tragedy, set to beautiful scenescapes and some inspired sporting scenes. Ben Nott and Morgan O’Neill’s recent movie, Drift, is a little different in the surfing movie canon. It’s not about winning a competition or overcoming the death of a friend, although both of those themes do pop up. Instead, it’s about building a business in the changing surfing world in the early seventies, all with the help of a few friends. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has graciously extended us an exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus clip from Drift, which takes a look at Lesley-Ann Brandt’s character, Lani, and her role as a friend, fellow surfer, and business dreamer in the film.

Watch Closed Circuit Online The set doesn’t come with a ton of bonus features, but the bulk of the features are a set of behind-the-scenes interviews like the one we included above. If you are simply wanting to give the R-rated flick a shot, it’s currently available to rent via outlets including Amazon. You can check out the official trailer for Drift and see more of how the characters interact, below. This week we're tearing down the idea of "white people problems"-- or at the very least embracing them-- as we're joined by Film School Rejects' Kate Erbland to review Enough Said, the new film from director Nicole Holofcener. It's the first lead film role Julia Louis-Dreyfus has played since the 90s, and sadly one of the last from James Gandolfini, who died in June. Does it live up to other Holofcener films like Walking & Talking and Please Give? Is it a proper sendoff for Gandolfini? Find out in our review, and stick around for your own answers to our own lightning round question about organized crime movies.

Drift is about the Andy and Jimmy Kelly (Myles Pollard and Xavier Samuel), two brothers who live along the coast in Australia and who have put together a new and shorter type of surfboard. The guys decide to give business a go, but just when things seem to be taking off, a rogue biker gang and a young lady named Lani may come in the way of the partnership. Lani’s a free spirit from Hawaii, who shows up with a man named JB (Sam Worthington) to surf some waves and ends up in a sort-of love triangle with the two brothers. In the clip, we get to see her big arrival on the scene, as well as a few moments where the brothers jab at one another as they compete for her affections. It’s amusing stuff, and it works even better within the context of the film as a whole, providing lighthearted moments amidst scenes that are shot in black and white for affect or feature no music to tell us how to feel as a large wave comes crashing down. If you’re a sucker for surfing related movies, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is bringing Drift on to Blu-ray and DVD on September 17.

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