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1998 Honda Civic Cx compression problem


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Could be? That's the point of the wet test: dry compression below spec could be compression rings or valves. Compression rings can make a better albeit still of spec seal with the cylinder wall when wet, hence following up a failed dry test with a wet test.


Now to your question. IMHO, to repair head damage requires too many machine shop tools. I've tried to repair/inspect Toyota 4AGE heads and while I learned a lot about how they worked, I also learned it's more often than not better to just: pull the head, identify damaged areas (warped surfaces, bent valves, protracted detonation, etc), and then take it to the machine shop and let them rebuild it. Even a poor man's rebuild you have to seat the valves, might as well let the pros put the head on their machine and mill a 5 angle job.


Edit: the only way a wet test would prove inconclusive is if the piston is found to not be moving up and down. Drop a socket extension down the spark plug tube hole and turn the motor crank by hand to see if the piston is moving.

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This means your piston rings are bad and no pressure is being built inside the motor. To verify this, obtain a compression tester to test each of the cylinders. Remove the fuel pump relay so that you don't flood the cylinders. Remove each sparkplug and thread the compression tester where the sparkplug was. Get in the vehicle and hold the gas pedal down and crank the vehicle until the needle on the compression tester stops moving. Obtain specification from the dealership or factory service manual for the compression specification for the motor. Check to see if the readings are consistent or there is one or two readings that are way below the rest. If one or two readings are way below the others, rebuild your motor or replace it. It is good to take your Honda to a Honda technician as it is little difficult to do by yourself.

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