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2001 Honda Accord Sedan Grill?

Richard Cerna

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Hey guys whats up!

i have a little issue i have been trying to resolve for quite a while and sorry if this question has been asked before! (i just joined honda forums!)


I have a 2001honda accord sedan and my dad bought me this car not too long ago since im starting college. thing is the previous owner put this really cheap honda emblem in the front and back and glued them on there. SO NOT ONLY ARE THEY UGLY BUT THEY ARE STUCK!







(i would a picture of my car but idk how)






ive been looking for some grills in order to cover that but most of the grills ive seen only fit 2dr coupe models. Will a grill meant for the coupe model fit on the bumper for a sedan?


i have one grill in mind.$(KGrHqJHJFMFGNg9VPm4BRpI(Gu3s!~~60_12.J

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