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speedometer failure 1998 civic dx


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My girlfriend has a 1998 Civic DX 5-speed manual. The speedometer and odometer just stopped working. The speedometer is pretty much stuck at 20 mph and fluctuates a bit when vehicle is in motion but remains in or around the 15-30 mph range. Took it into PepBoys for diagnostic and they said a new instrument/gauge cluster is needed and suggested Craigslist or Ebay. A friend also suggested the possibility of the speed sensor. Now I'm not sure which direction to go (cluster or sensor)??? I'm 'assuming' PepBoys would/should have checked the speed sensor during the diagnostic? I have found several clusters online for about $100 but almost all include a tachometer, which is not currently standard on her OEM cluster (it's the DX and just has the temperature, speed/odo and fuel gauge). Would a cluster with a tach be compatible? Any help appreciated in advance!

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The lucky thing for you here is that every single cluster configuration made for the 96-00 Civic's are completely interchangeable with each and every other model. This holds true internationally as well. If you find anyone that came out of a 96-00 it will work.


It is possible the cable is damaged and I cannot vouch for pepboys on that. They are right that you can find the clusters anywhere for relatively cheap. The odometer is a separate component that bolts to the back of the speedometer. The speedometer should be the master and the odometer should be the slave. Meaning the odometer possibly still works so you can transfer the odometer from the old cluster onto the new one so you can preserve accurate mileage readings for this car.

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