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crx swaps


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ok I know I'm noob for asking. I want to do a swap on a crx and I have to motors in mind. The first one is a 4g63t but I want to use everything from the evolution and make it a awd. And the second is a rb26dett which I know will be a lot more work but I think it would be awesome and I have not heard anyone has done this before. Not sure that it has not been done because it cant or money. I have heard that if you put a 6 cylinder in it will ruin the handling. I know it's going to take awhile to do this so money is not a problem. thanks for anyone's help .

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Both swaps can be done and similar swaps have been done.


The process is similar for both in that first you get the Evo and then cut the supporting structures off and weld in the CRX skins over the Evo substructure. I've seen it done with a 90's Civic hatchback onto a WRX. Some panels have to be extended to get the wheel wells to match up but the lines of the Civic body are entact enough to preserve the overall Honda look.

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For a race application the chassis needs more support (for adding the awd or I6 FR configuration) and that added weight negates any performance gained by the drivetrain selection.


For exhibition only, I would pick the one you want.


If your ultimate goal is racing, and you would prefer to work with either of those drivetrains, my suggestion is buy the car they came in and build that car up for your application and driving needs.

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Well, awd crx has been done but not with a wrx drivetrain without chopping it to bits. The one I saw used the crv drivetrain on a crx delsol, not the 500hp beast you may have in mind; and like I said before, the chopped up wrx was Frankensteined with an eg civic.


500hp on a budget would be mustang country, this sounds like you.


You ready to handle 500hp? LOL look up burn out fail or street race fail. Don't be one of those douchebag street racers. Have fun.

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