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1000 dollars to put in Si


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I have a 2000 honda civic. I also have 1000 dollars to put into it. I just recently bought the car and haven't done anything to it. It has 138k and is super clean, most likely reprinted. The car came with an oem intake, aluminum radiator, and is lowered, with springs. I want either power mods or handling mods. I don't like ricer shit either. If it was yours (possibly you have the same thing and it is yours) how was you spend that money on the car? Thanks

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I'd use the money to change the timing belt, replace the MTF, change oil, distributor cap, dist rotor, spark wires, air filter, spark plugs, brake pads, flush the brakes, flush the coolant, directional soft compound tires, put some gas in it and call it a day.

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If $1000 is all you have and ricey shit is out then you are SOL. You can't do anything productive with that little money. Sure there are things you can waste your money on but $1000 isn't enough to get all the things your would need to realize any improvement in performance or handling.

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