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paranoid: no damage to engine from broken timing belt?


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Hi everyone. New to the forums, so if there is a better place to post please let me know!

I bought a 97/6th generation Si (1.6L vtech). The timing belt had been previously changed at 130k kms, and the engine is only at 178k now. I noticed one day that the car was over heating and I had made plans that the first chance I had to stop that I would. Before that happened the timing belt shredded. We had found out that the water pump seized. So me and my father did some reading (he is the expert in comparison to me) assuming the engine was toast, but he found somewhere that though these engines are interference that some times at low RPMs if the timing belt breaks it doesn't always toast the engine. So we got our hands on a snake camera and checked out the insides of the engine and everything seemed fine. We changed the belt, water pump, tensioner pulley, then check the engine pressure?/compression?(Not sure what its called) and it checked out. The car is now seems to be driving fine, with exception to some rust on the brakes from sitting. I guess my main question is has anyone ever heard of this? Is there something we overlooked? I am just a young paranoid guy and figured it would be a full engine job and am just worried we may have missed something.

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