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Help! It's raining and my windows are stuck down!


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Hi everyone,


I have a 97 Honda Accord LX 5 speed 4cyl. and last night all of my windows got stuck down. This is what happened, I was driving at night in the rain and the defroster wasn't working so I rolled down the windows so that I could see. I have the radio, defroster, lights, and windshield wipers on. I arrived at my destination with 4 people in the car and before I turned off the car everyone pressed the buttons to roll up the windows at once. Nothing happened. No slow movement, no clicking sounds, I cannot pull the windows up will pressing the switch. Neither the driver master switch gets the windows up nor the individual switches on the doors. I checked all fuses and they are fine. I switched the relay for the cooling fan which is the same to the power window spot and got nothing. I went to Autozone and a mechanic there actually looked at the car. He said that a mechanic that worked on the car had wired the cooling fan to the power window and now the circuit and possibly all the motors for the windows we fried as a result of the poor work. He was upset about what they had done to my car.

I know nothing about electronics in a car or how to begin to fix this problem. It has been raining for a week and my car is soaked despite my efforts to cover the windows with plastic as I have to take it down to drive. I don't live near the place that did the poor work on my car anymore. Does anyone have any ideas. I am having a hard time finding info on this and am very upset about my car. I would really appreciate any advice. I live in Macon GA and if anyone knows a reliable mechanic here I would appreciate that also.


Thanks so much

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