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Need help with swapping.


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Hey all, so heres whats going on. I totaled my 95 civic ex it has the 1.6 vtec in it. I rebuilt the engine and it only has about 10k miles on it. I have been looking online for another civic with a blown engine . I found a rolling shell of a 96 eg for $1500. And it looks really nice. . Now I know 92 - 95 was all about the same. Has anyone ever swapped the 95 1.6 vtec into a 96? What all issues am I going to have? What about the cv's? Wiring? Anything I should know before I buy the 96? I'm not looking to make a racer out of it. But I want it to run good and get good mileage you know. Any help is greatly appericated. Also has anyone here ever measured the frame to see if its twisted? When I wrecked it pushed in the bumper support and the radiator support. Buckled the hood and both fenders are bent up. The car still ran, thats actually how I got it home. the radiator support is about 1.5 inches away from the header. I can get the replacement parts for my honda at certi-fit for next to nothing. If the frame isnt toasted. Thanks, Tim

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