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Del Sol Blowing white smoke


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Hey guys this is my first post on the forum. i recently bought a 1994 Del Sol for 1500 dollars. it runs fantastically and is fun to drive. BUT, here is whats going on. i started to notice a little white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe once in a while i checked my oil and it was fine. then it started to happen more frequently so i check it again about a week later. i added about 1.5 quarts and kept driving (because its my daily driver) this mourning i went out and started the car and placed m had in front of the exhaust pipe and small specs of oil where being shot into my palm. i don't know much about cars but i know this is not good lol. here is the list of previous repairs to narrow down the possible sources of the problem.


1)Remaned Cylinder Head Assembly

2)Head Gasket Set

3)Head Bolt Set


5)timing belt


Thanks in advance.

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Seal wouldn't spray out the tail pipe. Your choices are:


a) oil rings on the pistons


b) valve stem seals


c) all the above



It really depends on what was done when the head work was done. If the valve stem seals were done recently, then it is possible they failed already though its not likely. My money is on the oil rings. You can read your plugs to get a better idea of what's going on. It's a shame someone had the head off and didn't just go ahead and do a full rebuild.

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