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Clicking In Transmission...? Maybe...


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First time posting here, I was looking for some knowledge from everyone on the forum! I have a 1991 Honda Civic EX with a d15b. Today, I started getting a clicking noise on the passenger side, near the transmission. The only time I can hear it is when I am in gear. During this time, the clicking noise gets louder the faster the rpms go. Once I engage the clutch, it goes away. Release the clutch and I am right back where I started. Any Ideas? I check the manual transmission fluid, and it is clean and full.

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Place your foot on the brake with the engine in neutral and idling. Raise the rpm slightly over idle. Put the shift selector in drive, while maintaining pressure on the brake. If you hear a loud clunk, or feel a chassis shudder, this could indicate that the torque converter mounts have disconnected or broken. Confirm this by checking the tightness of the universal joints, both front and rear of a rear-drive vehicle. Listen for a heavy clunk when shifting from neutral to reverse and back again. Check the transmission cross member mount for excessive wear or splits. A noticeable vibration in the chassis frame during the heavy clunk will point more toward a defective transmission mount rather than a torque converter problem.

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