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Starting issues?

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I have a 1995 Honda Civic DX Hatchback, I bought it about 2 years ago from an older couple. Had pretty low miles for a 95' (140k), and it ran like a champ for a while. I blew a cylinder in the engine because there wasn't enough oil, come to find out it was because there was a slow leak that I hadn't noticed and most of my oil had leaked out while I was on vacation. So on top of only running on 3 cylinders, my car has major starting issues.


Ever since I've had the car, you have to turn the key into the on position, and then wait for the fuel pump to turn on. You can't push-start the car, you literally have to just sit and wait for the fuel pump to kick in before you can start it. You can actually hear it kick in, or when the check engine light turns off, then it will start. If the car sits for too long, such as an entire day of no driving, it will take almost 20 minutes for the pump to kick in and finally start. But most of the time, the battery will die long before it can start. If it rains, it won't start at all! But when I jump-start the car, the pump kicks in immediately.


The only theories I can come up with is that the fuel pump doesn't get enough juice to kick in once I turn the key, and that the fuel lines don't hold the fuel and it has to be re-pumped into the engine from scratch every time it starts. I've asked at least 6 different mechanics to take a look and help figure out what the issue might be, and I've heard everything from just replacing the pump, to a bad ECU, or even having the entire electrical system in my car replaced. I only paid 2400 for the car, and I really don't want to have to put in the same amount of money just to get it running properly. I'm looking for some help or advice on what the issue might be or even a way to fix it without having to spend more than necessary.


Hopefully someone can help figure this out, I love my car and I don't want to sell it but it's starting to become more of a hassle than it's worth...





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What you put your key In is called a tumbler. On the other side where your car goes is a plastic piece that unscrews from the mech and has contacts to select ACC and IGN when you turn your key. They are known for getting worn out.

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